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Richard Kelly Cotton:

July 3rd 1966, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Education: Otago Boys High School, University of Otago, B.A. Anthropology (1990)

Occupation: Despot.

Interests: Photography, Music, Travel, Sports (Rugby, Gongfu)

Blood Type: People always ask me this but actually I'm buggered if I know, to tell the truth!

Myspace Profile

From 1985 to 1995 I was an active member of the Dunedin band scene while holding down a number of dead end jobs in my spare time. (Orchard hand, fish processor, door to door manure salesman) In 1999 I moved to Taiwan and since that time I have travelled extensively in the region. Travel Pages

fish factory

Fun with the fish, yep it was rough alright.

Music Biography:

Joined first band E.O.E in 1985 as keyboard player. Built a P.A. system with the other band members and over the next three years, played a number of gigs including a tour of Otago and North Canterbury.

Following the break-up of E.O.E. I joined Tonikim Nervos and subsequently Fast Food At 8, The Puddle, and Nuke Wellington Express. In 1996 I moved to Nelson and Joined local band R.O.T.

Fast Food At 8 winners of 1989 Radio One Battle of the Bands. Nuke Wellington Express 3rd in Rockquest '93, Invercargill.

In 1990 I won a "Fred" for best special effects at the Mothra awards (video competition). Also nominated for best music.

Radio Shows: "Eclectic Show" Radio One, Dunedin. "Freak the Sheep" shining Radio, Taiwan


The Puddle:

Thursday/Too Hot To Be Cool (Flying Nun) 7" single , 1993.
Southern Man (BFM "Louder" compilation) CD , 1994.
The Power of Love/Mamelons D'amadou (Acetone) 7"single , 1994.
Songs For Emily Valentine (Space Cadet Academy) CD, 1998/(Powertools Records) CD 2006.

Sandra Bell: Angel/Gilt (Zabriskie Point) 7"single, 1995.
Suka: .....Rode With the Moths. (IMD "Disturbed" compilation) CD 1995.

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