In Sanity We Trust

The Saga of the Spam Baiter

Replica watches, fake degrees, internet lotteries. Sorry about UR SMALL DIIICK the subject line screams and as you wonder how they knew, your inbox overflows with that scourge of the web the scam email. Our intrepid reporter goes undercover to see where it all leads. Only the facts have been changed to protect the impotent!

The case in question is a variation on the "Nigerian" or "419" Scam though in this case the email originates out of the West African republic of Benin.

Office located at Lot 112 Cendei AV.City ; Cotonou Country; Benin Rep,.
Tel: +22997014606



PLEASE DONT BE EMBARASSED NOR OFFENDED BY MY E-MAIL TO YOU. I WANT YOUTO KNOW THAT OUT OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE OUTTHERE I CHOOSE TO CONTACT YOU . Is obvious we dont know each other yet, but we dont know why nature is crossing our path today. Meeting new people in our lives is a never ending circle. You are like God sent to me today as I type this mail for you. You may think this is too good to be real, but I am telling you today that as God lives,this is real as the air both of us breath.

Let me start by Formally introducing myself to you. I am Barrister Eustace Okoro a Legal Practitioner. I am the Attorney representing Engr.James Coleman who lost his life in Tsunami disaster while on vacation with his family in Thailand at the famous tourist resort Island of Phuket. According to report reaching me, based on an extensive inquiry through Benin Rep. Embassy in Thailand revealed that non of his family members survived the devastating Tsunami disaster. My deceased client lived most of his life time in Benin Republic and took here as a home, since according to him he was raised up in an orphanage in his country having been abandoned by his mother. As a consultant to Oil Prospecting Companies in Benin Rep. he made fortune for himself and I have been his personal Attorney for a period of five years.

Now to the issue-Based on my relationship with my client,he informed me of some wonderful ideas he wants to embark on which was to build one or two churches and even mosque around the third wave countries and also donate monies to churches, mosques and also to less previlige homes around the globe too with this deposit of US$4.860.000.00m he made through a CODED account in his local bank here in Africa which he gave me the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT to keep as his lawyer. In the event of his death, unfortunately, his wife and children who statutorily are his next of kin are no more and under the existing law here, the Surviving relatives of my deceased client becomes the benefactor. It is as a result of this development that compelled me to go into an extensive search in the internet for possible trace of his family linage but to no avail.

THE BANK Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors, started arrangement for the fund to be declared "Unclaimed" and subsequently be donated as trust fund for arms/ ammunition to further enhance the course of War in Africa for their selfish political interest/investment. In order to avert this negative development, I hereby need your coperation in order to see that the Will of my late cientis actualised. I can never achieve this objective without a trustworthy foreginer and this is where you come in.

However,I want to seek your consent to present you as a relative to My deceased client by virtue of family linage .As attorney to the deceased the responsiblity to establish your relationship with my client rest on me and to achievethis objective, there are judicial processes involved whichI will brief you on subsequent correspondence if you indicate interest. Also take note that this is 100% risk free and legal.

I am not pursuing this claim for the financial gain. It is a duty I owe to my late client as I intend to use part of the funds to establish a foundation in his name, notwithstanding you will be adequately rewarded for your assistance in this endeavour when you indicate your interest let me know how many parcentage of the said fund you would want me to offer you for your assistance. Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.And please respond to my private email, which is

Barr Eustace Esq.
Lot 112 Cendei AV.
City ; Cotonou
Country; Benin Rep,

A variation on themes which often include Christianity, the recently deceased or the terminally ill with no living heir. Our intrepid spam baiter innocently replied thus.....

Subject: Do you have the correct person

Hi, I don't know how to put this, but i honestly didn't know that i had a relation by the name Engr.James Coleman?

Are you sure that you have the correct person?

yours, sincerly
Dxxxx Oxxxx

>Hello Dxxxx Oxxxx

Greetings to you sir.

>Once again thank you very much for your reply to my mail to you ,

My late mother - god bless her sole - always said "a friend in need is a friend in deed"

>It is my delight to express happiness and readiness to work with you as a brother , friend and God's sent in this collective and mutual understanding transaction, if you would be ready to work with me to secure the fund. Please note that it does not really matter at this time if you are true relative of my late client.By the power of attorney you are qualified as next of kin to my late client. Above all what matters is your interest, ability and most importantly mutual agreement and understanding between you and I to work together for the success of the transaction. I longed to work with you, I earnestly desire that, You have a God's spirit in you and love for humanity. Above all again, we shall consider trust and sincerity in whatever that will transpire between you and I in the course of this transaction..

If you can't have Trust, what can you have in life!

>Now to the issue at hand, my late client died without any "WRITTEN WILL YET" and the CERTIFICATE OF THE DEPOSIT, ALONG SIDE WITH OTHER VITAL DOCUMENTS he kept in my custody. This is a duty I owe him to make sure his fund is not declared unclaimed. I seek this with a good mind to establish a foundation in his name. My late client has great love for humanity and suffering ones, he loved the orphans with tears and great passion, becasue he was an orphan,and he never want to see the less privileged crying, he said he always remembered where God picked him from and where he was coming from.

He reminds me of my late mother.

>However, I can never achieve this objective and my dream without a trust worthy foreigner whom I will front as distance next of kin to him. This is how you come in. I need your commitment and seriousness with all sincerity. Let this transaction be in between both of us for now for the safety of the fund. Whoever I present as next of kin to my late client has no objection since I was his attorney and presently in possession of the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT AND OTHER VITAL DOCUMENTS.

Should I talk to my lawyer on this important matter?

>This business is 100% risk free, it is simply a deal between two of us and I sincerely believe and pray that you will not disappoint me. We shall have honesty and trust as the first consideration in what ever shall go on between us. I shall need a total assurance that you will not by any means sit or divert the money as soon as it is confirmed in your custody, without releasing my share to me. Please take your time to study this letter and ask me questions if there are any.

As Dxxxx is my name, I to am a Man of Honor and Christ.

>Before, I continue however, I would like to give you more information about myself. My full names are: Barrister Eustace Okoro , Born on the 1st of October 1965. I am a legal practitioner, married with 3 children. My office address is No: Lot 112 Cendei AV. City ; Cotonou Country; Benin Rep. My Private numbers, +229 93 97 01 55 OR 00 22 997 01 46 06 .

Thank you for that, I can see that you are a trully honest man. The world needs more men like you.

>Note however that we are going to follow strictly to all the led down Inheritance regulations of the Federal Republic of Benin. So we are going through it legally. Finally, send me your details, which will empower me to front you to the bank and to the office of the presidency and file up your next of kinship/inheritance fund file at the bank, Federal Ministry of Finance also to the Federal High Court.

Your details are: Full names, contact address, marital status, date of birth, telephone and fax number, occupation, and nationality.

Dxxxx Oxxxxx, 2 xxxxxxxx St, widower, April 10th, 1932, 0211750258, retired plumber, New Zealander

>Listen and mark my word, I have decided to offer you 30% ratio of the said fund and this is as sure as heaven,30% mine and 40% for establishment of foundation on behalf of my late client. You and I will see to the establishment with the said 40%. Immediately I get your reply with those details indicating your interest to work with me.

I can only hope that I can be of assistance.

>Furthermore, it is also very important you note the confidentiality of this transaction. It might not be to our mutual interest if you go talking and jeopardize the process. I am waiting for your response, also I want you to know that you and I are not doing this for our own selfish interest, rather for the sake of humanity and to enhance the the living standard of God people.

Praise God, the almighty! May he strike down all the non believers!

Dxxxx Oxxxxx

>Yours Sincerely,

Barr Eustace forwards some "legal" documents and invites our geriatric plumber to travel to a neutral territory, preferably Hong Kong to initiate the transaction procedures. In response our spambaiter apologizes for his tardiness and introduces "Father Fiddler" to the mix.

>Hello Dxxxx Oxxxx

How are you today, I received your email and I acknowledge the receipt of your email, thanks for the information you forwarded to me to enable us proceed with this transaction for the endorsement of your next of kinship file, I have called the international remittance department of the bank this morning, I spoke with the director “Dr. Edward Jones, he (bank director) has been nice to me ever since I filed the application letter for the releasing of the total fund, his not among the officials that wants to glance over the confiscation of the account for their selfish interest.

I approach the director this morning base on the fact that you have sent some informations that I requested, the director being a friend I have known for sometime, I spoke to him over the telephone, I needed to confirm certain things before I sit with the entire director and the general manager of the bank, the director told me their procedures of international remittance of inheritance fund, that some document will be procured in your name and on your behalf, but he said that it will be better/easier if the beneficiary can come down to their office and have the remittance/transfer file endorse.

In a situation whereby you can not come to their office in Benin Republic that they have another method of delivering fund through United Nation Diplomatic service, that the Diplomat is someone that will use his Diplomatic immunity and move the fund as family treasure to some country where they have immunity to travel to. He said the Diplomatic service can meet with you in, Malaysia, Dubai (UAE), Holland, Algeria, China, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. The director said that any of this country will be fine to receive your inheritance from the Diplomat, but he hammered/suggested on Hong Kong as the best place/country for such activity because Hong Kong is a free financial country.

He stated that in Hong Kong you can carry any amount of money to anywhere without being queried and you also can deposit any amount of money in Hong Kong without the bank asking you questions about the purpose of deposit, because Hong Kong is being recognise as a market place in the whole world. He also informed me that forms shall be filling by you and endorse to ascertain that you have received the consignment. He narrated all this to me because his a true Christian and doesn’t want to see this fund being use for bad activities like importation of arms as I stated in my previous email.

So I would want you to study this mail carefully and get back to me as to know the option which you prefer, if you want to travel to meet with the Diplomat indicate, if you can come here also be let me know, but encase if you want this fund to be remit into your account, you must be ready to furnish the bank with any information they request, because to me it will not stress us much to have the fund remit into your account, as you know their international remittance takes only 48hours to reflect in the beneficiary’s designated bank account, so I would like you to call me on +22993970155 for oral discussion as I tried calling you but your number is not going through.

Meanwhile reply also to this effect, because as soon as I receiver your email indicating the option which you choose, I shall be meeting with the directors and bank manager fully for the endorsement of your next of kin file and answer their questionnaires, that why the reason why I demanded for your information’s to enable me to know more about you.

The two documents are what you need to forward to the bank as evidence and to verify your authentic next of kin, but you have to remember that I will be applying/presenting you as a cousin to Late Engr. James Coleman, and the other attachment contain my international idcard.

1; Deposit Certificate. (Attached)
2; Police report. (Attached)
3; Bank security code; EBB90067BR.
4; Death registration number. BR808GH55CT.

I await your email and calls to this effect, as I shall be going to the bank to meet with the department of international remittance concerning the reactivation of the account, as soon as I know their requirements for the reactivation I will get it reactivated because the director said the account is dormant due no withdrawal and remittance for some years.

Barrister Eustace Okoro

From: Barr. Eustace Okoro Okoro
To: Dxxxx Oxxxx
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007 6:37 PM
Subject: Hello Mr David.

Hello Mr Dxxxx

How are you today, I trust all is well with you and your family, I received this email the moment it was sent, but you stated in the email that you have a guest and you will give my email full attention first thing in your morning, with the time differences am surprise up till now I have not received your response towards the email sent to you yesterday.

Kindly respond to my email so that we shall know what next to do regarding this transaction, I wait for your prompt response.

Barrister Eustace Okoro.

From: Dxxxx Oxxxx
To: Barr. Eustace Okoro Okoro
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007 7:13 PM
Subject: Hello Eustance

Dear Eustance,

humble appologise for the delay in replying.

I currently have 2 house quests who will be delighting me with their presence for another two day.

Today my day has been consumed with showing them some of the plesant delights of my fair city. Tonight will be spent entertaining them and my next door neighbour and his wife.

To be honest , I have not yet been able to give the attention that your last email deserves. But, I plan to do that tomorrow after I come home from Church. I plan to show you documents to my Priest after the church service. Father Fiddler is a man i often turn to when i need guidence.

Thank you for you patience in these important matters.

Your friend

From: Barr. Eustace Okoro Okoro
To: Dxxxx Oxxxx
Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2007 6:53 AM
Subject: Hello Mr David.
Hello Mr Dxxxx

How are you today, i do hope all well with you and your family, however i received your email here and I have tried to call you over and over and still am not getting any signal, when i tried calling your mobile line it was counting on my phone without hearing any any voice. Meanwhile i apprecaite your quick response toward the mail i sent to you, I would advice you to pay the mail i sent to you yesterday attention according to the content of the mail, meanwhile i appreciate it most when you indicate that you want to show a priest the document i sent to you earlier.

Meanwhile kindly, let the Priest to pray over this transaction, as not to encounter much questions from the board of director of the bank by Monday perhaps regarding the beneficiary and the relationship between the beneficiary and the deceased, and for your information, i shall be presenting you fully to the bank by Monday as a cousin to Late Engr. James Coleman.

Call me on the receipt of this email on +22993970155 or +22997014606 for some discussion as i need to talk to you, i urge you once again to endeavour to take this transaction as your priority by asking the priest to pray for us in this transaction as i have prayed and fasted enough before i contacted you.

I also thank God that am handling this transaction with a christain like me who recorgnised God and put God first in anything he does. Thanks once again and God bless.

Barrister Eustace Okoro.

From: Barr. Eustace Okoro Okoro
To: Dxxxx Oxxxx
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2007 7:45 PM
Subject: Waiting for your response.

Hello Mr Dxxxx

How are you, I trust that all is well with you, I have tried calling your number over and over but I have not been able to connect with your line, meanwhile I have waited for your email base on the content of your email, because you promised to get back to me when you return from the church.

Meanwhile kindly contact me back, as to know if your still interested to work with me or not, so that I can source for another person to execute this transaction with.

Thanks & God bless.

Barrister Eustace Okoro.

Eustace, I appologise, again, for the delay in getting back to you.

I am currently away from my home.

In a snap decision of mine, I decided to take my current house quests on a quick trip to Queenstown. A beautiful place, have you ever been there? If not, I hope that one day you will, its trully World Class. I am writing this email from a noisey, smokey internet cafe, not my cup of tea, mainly lots of young vibrant people from all around the world.

The reason that you have not been able to get my on my phone is because I forgot to take it with me, old age does funny things to oneself. I have a bad habit of leaving the phone switch on and the battery runs out, sorry. This might seem silly, but would you believe that I've lost over 5 of them! The last one I happen to buy cheaply from you young french tourist, down on his luck, felt sorry for the young chap.

Eustace, allow me to bring you up to my plans, I spoke to Father Fiddler on sunday and in is sage way advised me that before I do anything that I should talk to my lawyer. I did point out that you were are lawyer and did I really need to see another one. He suggested yes.

I now plan to do that as soon as i get back into town, which I plan to do tomorrow.

Yours in christ,