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February 2006

A Rare and Exquisite Breed

Recently reports have come in from the Island of Borneo that an endemic creature long thought extinct, still persists in one remote corner of Kalimantan province. Scientists were astounded to hear news of a living herd of camelphants, once populous on the island, but hunted to the brink of extinction in the late 1700s.


The camelphant, a beast of mythic proportions with both a trunk and a hump, was strongly favoured for it's quality ivory tusks. This specimen wandered into our camp early on Sunday morning and was captured on film by staff reporter Oliver Sudden. Despite what appears to be a broken leg the beast evaded capture by our technicians and made off into the jungle.

Million Dollar Website

Strapped for cash student, Alex Tew has re-invented El Dorado on the internet. After registering the website Million dollar homepage he set about selling pixels to advertisers at a rate of $1.00 per pixel (minimum purchase 10x10 pixel square at $100). So one million dollars for a million pixels. That was five months ago. The interest and publicity generated by the scheme has paid off and the final remaining 1000 pixels were auctioned on eBAy last month for a stunning $38,100.00.

Tew promotes the site as a piece of internet history, it's a visually intriguing mosaic and many of the advertisers are seeing their investments as money well spent. The site was hi-jacked by hackers at one point, details on this and other aspects of the site are included in an attached blog.
BBC report

Year of The Dog

Chinese around the world celebrated New Years Day on January 29th, the rooster making way for the dog. It is actually the year 4703 according to the Chinese. The dog is the 11th animal in the cycle. If you were born in the following years then your Chinese astrological sign is the dog.

1910* 1922* 1934* 1946* 1958* 1970* 1982* 1994* 2006*

Find out more about the dog.

"I'm truly saddened by it. If I could put it back together again I would do.....I didn't mean China any harm"

- Nick Flynn, The British artist who tripped over his shoelaces coming down the stairs at The FitzWilliam Museum in Cambridge, England, in the process destroying three priceless Qing era vases.

Punxsutawny Phil (groundhog), predicted 6 more weeks of cold weather when he spied his own shadow at the annual Groundhog Day event in Pennsylvania. The tradition is thought to have originated with a German superstition that if a hibernating animal sees it's shadow on the Christian holiday of "candlemass" (Feb 2nd), six more weeks of cold weather would ensue.

Things Not To Bring Through Customs

Haitaian-American Myrlene Severe was detained entering Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport when customs officials discovered a human head in her luggage. Apparently it was procured in order to ward off evil spirits in accordance with Severe's voodoo beliefs.

300x250 2MM


Think you're pretty handy with a cricket bat? Have a go ya mug!

Stick Cricket.

Americans might prefer

Yeti Baseball.

"Save Toby seems to be a bizarre attempt at cyber ransom, some might call it extortion, though the site does carry some disclaimers. Some bloke claims to have taken in a wounded pet rabbit, nursed it back to health and is now threatening to eat it on November 6th, 2006, unless he sells 100,000 copies of his book online at He could be bluffing of course but if you want to Save Toby you should probably do what he says. I would just mention in passing that he's not getting a cent out of me as I have been known to consume the odd bunny myself.

There's something going on but you don't know what it is, do you...... Mr. Jones?"

- Bob Dylan, "Ballad of a Thin Man"


The Symbol Story of a symbol man.

Where's George? George Washington is the familiar face looking out at you from every U.S. 1 dollar bill. At Where's you can trace the movement of $1 bills. Just register your favourite banknotes and see where they get to.

Keep an eye on the weather of the "evil doers" at Axis of Evil Weather

If you're to pre-occupied or lazy to remember anniversaries, birthdays or even just to regularly send out flowers to your significant other, the friendly folks at Save My will take care of it for you.

Natural Gas?

"Sorry to be crude but we did not pick these prices out of our nose."

- Vladimir Putin on raising the price of the gas it exports to Ukraine.