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February 2007


Anyone who receives electronic mail will be familiar with the scourge that is internet spam. Emails promoting dodgy Nigerian investment schemes (a.k.a. 419 scam) fake degrees, fake Rolex's, pharmaceuticals, and dating services fill up web users mailboxes with nauseating regularity. They may offer to enhance your breasts or add inches to your penis, making you stop to wonder not so much what they think you are, but what they expect you to become. These complete strangers know about your small "D11CK" and offer scientifically proven methods to remedy your shortcomings. The cut-up methods employed by spammers results in something occasionally resembling poetry but hardly makes for bedtime reading.


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is your d1ck short?
The Only Safe & Natural Way To Bigger ur Size rich
Guaraanteed Thicker & up to 3" longer after 1 month


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Other offending items while waxing lyrical, simply led one to wonder just what in fact they were actually trying to sell.....
Hi iamjustsendingthisleter.
How are you ? Call me.
I don't sign my son up

Hi iamjustsendingthisleter.
How are you ? Call me.
her kids


i am here sitting in the internet caffe. Found your email and decided to write. I might be coming to your place in 14 days, so I decided to email you. May be we can meet? I am 25 y.o. girl. I have a picature if you want. No need to reply here as this is not my email. Write me at

My otherwise spiral of high energy is spinning counterclockwise. nothing ever slows that down. This villa is well equipped with all the requirements for an enjoyable home or relaxing holiday. My memory of simplicity. This villa is well equipped with all the requirements for an enjoyable home or relaxing holiday. Another study done by someone, somewhere. Not far in a very picturesque spot is located a big monastery. My otherwise spiral of high energy is spinning counterclockwise. All bedrooms have fitted wardrobes, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and adjoining balconies. There, at the centre. There is an outside bar, barbecue and lots of wooden tables and chairs. The foundations and the roof are sound and water and electricity are present. GCH, double glazed, wood laminate flooring throughout. She remembered that this flaw of skin encouraged her to think of. and then an image with a certain colour and atmosphere will remind me. There is a visible and identifiable pattern to block links in this fashion. Another study done by someone, somewhere. If you are given permission to post and test then it surely can't be spam can it ? is the vortex of a thousand slow emotions. On top of that would you rather receive a link from a page that is " on topic" to your industry or "off topic" ? Flares of anger that manage themselves in depths of further despair. The unique climate allows sunny beach resorts during the summer and beautiful ski resorts during the winter. A bathroom can be easily fitted in the corridor. With large air-conditioned open plan Lounge and dining area with or without modern furnishings, the villa is ready to move into immediately or you can rent without having to buy anything. The area is ideal for trout fishing and wild - boar hunting, with many paths crossing the surrounding mountain. The main town of Paphos is about fifteen minutes by car and the main Paphos airport is about twenty minutes drive away. The property can be easily turned into restaurant with guest rooms, or can be rented out as it is. There is outside toilet and no bathroom. Very good deal for quick sale. com for further pics. Water and electricity are present, telephone line, internet and cable TV can be easily connected.

You can draw your own conclusions about this one!

Language Difficulties

Aposiopesis: People with aposiopesis are likely to stop speaking in the middle of telling a story
Lethologica: being unable to think of the correct word
Lethonomia: being unable to remember people's names

Comet McNaught

Those of us living under southern skies have been privilaged to bear witness to a cosmic ballet as Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1) passed by. The comet is named after Australian astronomer Robert McNaught who first discovered it on Aug. 07 2006.

Left: Comet McNaught from Dunedin, New Zealand.

The comet is the brightest since Comet Ikeya-Seki in 1965. It's tail is about 30 million kilometres long, about one-fifth of the distance between Earth and the sun.

New Zealand Herald

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