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January 2007

MySpace Invaders

The eighth most visited site on the net, myspace has 150,000,000+ users, many of whom have little or nothing to say. Myspace is a haven for budding artists, poets, lovers, musicians, spammers, paedophiles and serial killers. Verily on myspace everybody gets their 15Gb of fame.

Myspace has been labelled strongly pro Western/Christian. One image of a self flagellating Taoist spirit medium was banned for being "too violent". Say what you will of Taoists, they are generally not violent people. Their rituals can be somewhat noisy involving the use of fireworks, drums and trumpets, they may occasionally hire a stripper but most importantly, THEY DON'T COME KNOCKING!

The worst of MySpace

Second Child Still Critical in Spam Painting Tragedy

New York: The second of two children involved in the spam-related tragedy that cost the death of one three year old boy last friday is still in a critical condition in Cedars sinai hospital. The surviving boy (4) is reported to be receiving life support. the original news item, posted Jan 24 2007 read: New York: Scott Richter, the rogue spammer who allegedly "arranged for millions of spam bulletins to be sent from MySpace user's accounts without their knowledge, has been charged with culpable homicide following the death of one of two children used in a recent spamming stunt. The two children, both boys, were rushed to Cedars Sinai hospital when their repiratory systems shut down after they had been coated with paint by Richter and his personal assistant as a part of a "cute" campaign to part MySpace users from their account passwords. Both children seemed to go into shock and lost consciousness before the paint could be removed. According to the lawyer for Media Breakaway, the company of which Scott Richter is chief executive, the spamming campaign has been very successful and Media Breakaway is unconcerned about both the homocide charges and the damages suit and cease-and-desist injunction brought by News corp on behalf of MySpace users. "We wouldn't be in the spamming business if we cared about lawsuits or the death of a few kids", Richter was quoted as saying. - Reuters.

You've heard of blogs and perhaps vlogs, what about flogs?
CNN: - MySpace sues spammer

Movie Mayhem

I hear it every night, another gunfight,
the tension mounts, on with the Body Count.

Movie Body Counts

tallies the actual, visible "on screen kills/deaths" of your favorite action, sci/fi, and war films. Leading the pack are parts two and three of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

1. Lord of the Rings:
   Return of the King - 836
2. Lord of the rings:
   The Two Towers - 468
3. Hard Boiled - 307
4. Equilibrium - 236
5. Bullet in the Head - 214


Tijuana police issued slingshots: Guns confiscated amid allegations of collusion with drug runners

Woman drawn from the in side out

Caught in a Trap

You may well have thought you were caught in a trap if you had by accident stumbled across the annual Elvis Fest in Parkes, N.S.W. The event attracted 147 Elvis impersonators, almost doubling the world record for Elvis's (Elvii?) gathered in one place.

ABC New South wales: Parkes in spin-out over Elvis world record

Parkes is also known for the Parkes Observatory, from where images of the first moon landing in 1969 were broadcast all around the world, an event popularised by the comedy movie "The Dish" (2000)

In other unrelated news ultimate boy band The Beatles are the feature of the latest issue of British postage stamps. - BBC News

Apple iTunes

News McNuggets


Bush Announces Iraq Exit Strategy: 'We'll Go Through Iran'

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Nature and Wildlife:

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Arts and Entertainment:

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Chinese postal authorities release Pork flavoured postage stamps to coincide with the Year of the Pig

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Remembering James Brown
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Bad Santa

With the festering season at a close, Radar Online takes a look at The 10 Most Dangerous Toys of All Time Such masterpieces of destruction included the "Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab" (below) Watch your kids glow in the dark! Santa.....Satan....hmmmm.....

Aalst: n. One who changes his name to be nearer the front.
- "The Deeper Meaning of Liff" (Adams and Lloyd)