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July 2007

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Kink Ray Davies must be an airline freak. While on tour with the group in the states, he flew 3000 miles back to London to change one word on "Lola," a single that is soon to be released over there.The offending word was "coca-cola," which would have cost them airplay on the no-advertising BBC. While back in the mother country, Ray tried to fly to Jersey for a charity soccer meet, missed connections, and rejoined his Kompatriots back in New York. In other Kinky news they've added a pianist, John Gosling, who was discovered by the boys, according to a press release, "walking on the Thames River." Jeez, with a talent like that, it's a wonder he hasn't been discovered before.....

Muddy Waters, severely injured in an automobile accident eight months ago, played his first major gig in quite a while June 11th at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. He strolled on stage with a crutch under his arm, put down the crutch and picked up his Fender, hobbled to a stool and opened with "Hoochie Coochie Man." He played a restrained careful set, nothing fancy, and later told us that his hands were still partly numb from nerve damage. Doctors have told him that the deadening will go away at the rate of half an inch a month. "Which means about 6-8 months" - Muddy said. "I got big hands."

The Big Time: A Houston court recently gave Antonio Rodriguez, a heroin dealer, 1500 years in the pen, topping the previous longest sentence by half a millennium.

Rolling Stone, July 23, 1970

The Age - Strike up the banned. - 10 banned songs including "Puff the Magic Dragon" and works by the Sex Pistols and Billie Holiday

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(You might need to wear shades for this one!)

New Zealand Soldier Awarded Highest Military Honour

Corporal Willie Apiata recently recieved the Victoria Cross, the highest military honour awarded to Brittish soldiers in the field of battle for acts of extreme bravery. Apiata is only the 24th New Zealander to receive one and the first since WW2. The award was received for an act saving the life of a comrade under intense fire in Afghanistan last year.

after the awards ceremony when reporters asked Willie if he felt proud when his son called out to him he replied,

"I'm proud every time my son calls to me."

NZ Herald - Willie Apiata recieves his VC

Willie Apiata we celebrate the breath of life in you. Tihei Mauriora!

Can you count the grey dots?

Freemasonry and the Crusades

There was between Freemasonry and the Crusades a much more intimate relation than has generally been supposed. In the first place, the communications frequently established by the Crusaders, and especially the Knights Templars, with the Saracens, led to the acquisition, by the former, of many of the dogmas of the East, such as the Essenes, the Assassins, and the Druses. These were brought by the knights to Europe, and subsequently, on the establishment by Ramsay and his contempories and immediate successors of Templar Masonry, were incorporated into the high degrees, and still exhibit their influence. Indeed, it is scarcely to be doubted that many of these degrees were invented with special reference to events the which occured in Syria and Palestine. Thus for instance, the scottish degree of Knights of the East and West must have originally alluded, as its name imports, to the legend which teaches a division of the Masons after the Temple was finished, when the Craft dispersed, - a part remaining in Palestine, as the Assideans, whom Lawrie, citing Scaliger, calls the "Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem," and another part passing on into Europe, whence the returned on the breaking out of the Crusades. This, of course, is but a legend, yet the influence is felt in the invention of the higher rituals.

But the influence of the Crusades on Freemasons and the architecture of the Middle Ages is of a more historical character. In 1836 Mr. Westmacott, in a course of lectures on art before the Royal Academy, remarked that the two pricipal causes which materially tended to assist the restoration of literature and arts in Europe were Freemasonry and the Crusades., The adventurers, he said, who returned from the Holy Land brough back some ideas of various improvements, particularly in architecture, and along with these, a strong desire to erect castillated, ecclesiastical, and palatial edifices, to display the taste they had acquired; and in less than a century from the first Crusade above six hundred buildings of the above description had been erected in southern and western Europe. This taste was spread into almost all countries by the establishment of the Fraternity of Freemasons, who, it appears, had under some peculiar form of brotherhood, existed for an immemorial period in Syria and other parts of the East, from whence some bands of them migrated to Europe, and after a time a great efflux of these ingenious men - Italian, German, French, Spanish, etc. - had spread themselves in communities though all civilized Europe; and in all countries where they settled we find the same style of architecture from that period, but differing in some points of treatment, as suited the climate.

Mackey, Albert G. M.D.
- Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and its Kindred Sciences.
(1917) McClure Publishing Co. Philadelphia.

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Simpsons on the Silver Screen

Later this month "The Simpsons" which first aired on Dec 17, 1989 hits the big screen. So far the noise has been largely complimentary.


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