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September 2005

Intelligent Design?

Following on from our report on Pastafarianism (12/9/05), we hear that the Raelian sect is due to go on a recruiting drive in Spain. French Journalist Claude Vorilhon, who now goes by the name"Rael", founded the movement in 1973, after receiving a visit from extra-terrestrials who arrived in.....yes, that's right.....a flying saucer!

Hardly surprising the aliens were little green men, standing just over a metre tall and with long dark hair. They explained to Vorilhon how human beings were created in a laboratory and that their creators would some day return.

Vorilhon was asked to spread the word of the Elohim, (ancient Hebrew = "those who came from the sky") and told that the extra-terrestrials will indeed return to Earth once an embassy has been built for them in Jerusalem. The sect changed their symbol, a swastika inside a star of David, in 1990, hoping to improve relations with Israel.

The Raelians are staunch supporters of human cloning which they believe is the route to immortality. Their company Clonaid claimed in 2003 to have cloned a human baby but gave no evidence in support. They also believe in "sexuality which knows no bounds". What that might really mean is anyone's guess. Rael himself has a harem of 30-40 young ladies who are sworn to do his bidding, to honor and protect.

Pac-Man Celebrates 25 Years

Those of us who grew up in the 1970s/1980s quickly assumed a steady diet of video games such as "space invaders", "pac-man" and "defender" spending many a day hanging out at the local fish 'n chip shop when we probably should have been in class. These nefarious activities were usually financed by the collection of refundable bottles, more often than not obtained by jumping the fence at the back of the very same depository that reimbursed us!

Earlier this year Pac-Man celebrated his 25th birthday. Legend has it the game was born as creator Toru Iwatini (who also brought us Galaxians) gazed upon a pizza with a slice missing. This Satori led to the creation of "Puck-Man" from the Japanese puku-paku, which means to open and close one's mouth. The name was soon changed to "Pac-Man" for obvious reasons. Pac-Man was a deviation, as most arcade games at the time concentrated on destroying aliens and piloting spaceships. This in part contributed to it's success as it appealed to both sexes and different age demographics. Interestingly too, the individual "ghosts" in Pac-Man are idiosyncratic. 25 years later Pac-Man is still going strong.     Play Pac-Man online:

In response to The Kansas State Board of Education's decision to allow Intelligent Design (ID) theories of creation to be taught alongside the Theory of Evolution in science classes, a group calling themselves Pastafarians, have voiced dissent. Pastafarians claim that the universe was created by a "Flying Spaghetti Monster" (FSM) and have sent an open letter to the Kansas State Board requesting that their beliefs, (which they claim to be scientifically based) be taught in schools alongside other creation theories. The Pastafarians have the backing of a considerable number from the scientific community.

Clearly it's a parody but it does bring into consideration some important issues concerning whether Intelligent Design theories should be taught in schools under the banner of science, whether ID theories should be taught at all, and if they are taught, should competing ideologies be given equal exposure? The ethical debates aside it's an interesting example of how these things can develop given a medium such as the internet. Already there are reports of a divine conception and a schism in the church. SPAM (Spaghetti & Pulsar Activating Meatballs), a breakaway group who claim to have the "One True Letter" to The Kansas Board are calling for a holy war against FSM. It's life Jim, but not as we know it!

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