Cool Jazz

copyright Catherine Corfield 2007

Catherine Corfield - "Red Hot Sax"

Catherine Corfield

"The jazz collection is my emotional response to music. It is influenced by the excitement and atmosphere of live music; the lighting, the shapes of the instruments, the stance of the musicians, and the tempo of music. I try to combine and distil these elements in there extremities onto the canvas to capture the essence of music."

Catherine is a graduate of London's University of Greenwich where she gained her Masters in Arts Management in 2005. She is currently living in Leeds and concentrating on developing her technique and compiling her portfolio.

Catherine has been influenced by all the many great artists past and present in particular abstract artists such as Miro, Kandinsky and Picasso and Impressionist Renoir and Van Gogh. You can check out more of her work at:

Catherine Corfield Artworks